State symbols

The current Serbian coat of arms is identical to that of the Kingdom of Serbia which went into use in 1882. The two-headed white eagle from the period of the Nemanjić dynasty in the 12thcentury was understood by the people as a symbol of the unity of God and the powers on earth, the ideal union of the heavenly and the earthly. The cross with the four firesteels (or four symbolic letters), as well as the two-headed eagle, has its origins in the Palaiologos dynasty of the Byzantine Empire.

Small Coat-of-Arms of Serbia

The small coat of arms has a double-headed silver eagle on a red shield, with two golden fleur-de-lys at the base. The shield has a golden crown above it. On the eagle’s chest there is a smaller red shield with a silver cross and four firesteels.

Great Coat of Arms of the Republic of Serbia

The same as the small coat of arms except it is draped with a cape with gold, decorative tassels, tied with a gold cord with similar tassels, inlaid with ermine and crowned with a golden crown.

National Anthem of the Republic of Serbia:

The official anthem is Bože Pravde (God of Justice), lyrics Jovan Đorđević, music Davorin Jenko.

National Flag of the Republic of Serbia:

Horizontal tri-colour with red at the top, blue in the middle and white at the bottom.

State Flag of the Republic of Serbia:

Same as the national flag but has the Serbian small coat of arms centred vertically and positioned left toward the flagpole by one-seventh of the flag’s length.

The President of Serbia and the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia have their own Standards.


National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
Kralja Milutina 14, 11000 Belgrade
tel: +381 (0)11 3611-476

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